StoryBundle: pay what you like for DRM-free ebooks

StoryBundle publishes and promotes ebooks by bundling them and letting readers pay what they want: a sales model that's proven itself with games and apps, and a great way to sample new voices.

There are a fixed set of books that we offer in a bundle, and each bundle is available only for a limited time. If you miss out on the bundle, you'll have to buy the books individually from each author. We only have one bundle on sale at a time, once it's gone, it's gone.

Again, one of the central concepts is that you get to decide how much each bundle is worth to you. Think each individual book in a bundle of five books is worth $2? That's fine! Pay $10 and get five books! Only think they're worth $1 because you're not sure if you like a certain genre? That's fine too. If you want to reward these authors and encourage more independent writers by giving a bit more, that's fantastic as well. One reason we started StoryBundle is because indie authors need our support, and we want to do our part in showcasing awesome writers.

The current bundle features five SFF titles from Geoffrey Morrison, Lou Hood, Joseph Nasisse (previously at BB), with two bonus books for high rollers. Best of all, the bundles are totally DRM-free.