Hand-painted Makie doll

Sioux has posted her Makie Doll paintjob to the site's forums, along with extensive notes. Makies are the ivory-white, custom 3D printed dolls, and Makie owners have been experimenting with ways to bring color to their creations. Sioux's work is just fab.

Half way through the faceup I realised that my 'sealant' technique wasn't totally sealing. Whether it was cotton residue, makie-nylon residue from the sand-matting, pastel residue from blushing, resin residue from the spray or actual dust particles, I noticed a kind of blotching/clumping around the temples where the blushing was heaviest.

Next attempt, I can only think to do less layers (but make sure the base layer is a good enough seal) and leave each blushed layer to dry for hours/days as opposed to 15 mins (as with bjd's). As it is, the car lacquer is supposed to be left for 48 hours to fully cure (and I did 4 light coats, each 1 hour apart before leaving for 24 hrs – my logic being that a car panel is much bigger than a Makie face). So more haste less speed next time.

Jenny Head – (Jane Doe Makie) – FACEUP!!

(Disclosure: My wife is one of the founders of Makies)