Catan Junior for ages six and up

SeenOnTableTop reviews Catan Junior, a streamlined, simplified pirate-themed version of beloved Boing Boing favorite Settlers of Catan aimed at kids six and up. My daughter's just getting to the age where she's willing to play games with rules (without demanding that the rules be changed halfway through to ensure that she wins!), and this looks like a great, parent-friendly alternative to snoozefests like Candyland and its ilk, though it might be a year before she's quite ready for it.

This past week, at GenCon, I got the opportunity to try out Catan Junior and loved it. I has all of the mechanics of Settlers, while being simplified and streamlined for younger players. While my son was younger than their recommended age, I decided to take the chance and picked it up, anyway.

Last night, after our two day drive home, my son and I played our first game. I had to hold his hand a little bit as he learned the rules, but by the end, he was clear on what each turn consisted of, how to trade resources, and how to build his ships and lairs. On his final turn, he was even able to look at a mismatched pile of resources and spin them into a final, winning lair.

Catan Junior – For ages four and up!

(via Beth Pratt)