Time to freak out: An Evil Dead dress that gives you a chainsaw for a hand

Every once in a while, I come across an Etsy site that I feel should make a million dollars a day. (Like Pica Pica Press, the Etsy store that might have first existed in one of my own dreams, and then came to life.) Today, thanks to my old stomping grounds The Mary Sue, I have found another that I'd like to share with you: Nerd Alert Designs. Why? Because of the dress you see to the right.

This is The Ash Dress, inspired by the Evil Dead movies, made in the same color of the shirt work by one Ash Williams played by one Bruce Campbell. As you can see, there is a strategically-placed chainsaw on the skirt, giving the wearer a chainsaw hand upon insertion of the hand into the left pocket. The Necronomicon is not included, but the existence of this dress is evil, dark magic enough.

Nicely done, Nerd Alert Designs. Nicely done. The shop also has dresses inspired by Star Wars, comic books, and even Rainbow Brite.

This dress comes with a chainsaw pocket [The Mary Sue]