3D printed guitar

Rachel sez,

Olaf Diegel, professor of mechatronics at Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand has been leading the charge in a new way of creating instruments: 3D Printing.

Although there are plenty of pictures of his incredible ODD instruments online, it's a little harder to find them played in well-recorded audio or video.

Until now.

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Dave Marks has decided to play this guitar (and every other instrument in this video) so the world can enjoy a quick burst of 3D-Printed-guitar-love.

Olaf will be exhibiting his collection of 3D printed guitars and basses from 19th-21st October at 3D Printshow London. This event will showcase all of the top brands and most incredible creatives working in the world of 3D printing today.

3D Printshow 2012

(Thanks, Rachel!)