56 Broken Kindle Screens: book and video

Here's a bit of wry gadget iconography: a book and video devoted to the sad sight of a smashed Kindle screen. Speaking as someone who broke three Kindle screens in as many months (and then gave up on carrying one), I can empathize:

"56 Broken Kindle Screens" is a print on demand paperback that consists of found photos depicting broken Kindle screens. The Kindle is Amazon's e-reading device which is by default connected to the company's book store.

The book takes as its starting point the peculiar aesthetic of broken E Ink displays and serves as an examination into the reading device's materiality. As the screens break, they become collages composed of different pages, cover illustrations and interface elements.

Order the book on Lulu.

56 Broken Kindle Screens – Silvio Lorusso and Sebastian Schmieg (2012)

(via Beyond the Beyond)