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Did Timothy Leary supply the LSD for Dock Ellis's no-hitter baseball game? (Probably not)

Lisa Rein from the Timothy Leary Archives sez, "ESPN's Patrick Hruby did a piece a few weeks ago investigating Dock Ellis' claim that he pitched a no-hitter on LSD in 1970. We had a few more details and clarifications to add (regarding the origin of the LSD), and of course, threw in a few more fun pieces of historical Dock Ellis baseball memorabilia."

One of Hruby’s sources said Ellis told him that Leary had been “interested in researching the effect of LSD on professional athletes. The professor had approached the pitcher: Would Ellis take a tab of LSD, play, and then report on the experience?”

Although it sounds like an experiment Tim would have loved to conduct, given his fascination with LSD, baseball, and experiential science, the fact is he was in prison during the 1970 baseball season, nor did he ever mention it to Michael, although they discussed Dock’s feat on several occasions. Dock might have been told the LSD originated with Tim, as the man and the drug were virtually synonymous back then, but there’s no evidence they ever met in person.

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Dock Ellis, Timothy Leary, LSD and America’s Favorite Pasttime

(Thanks, Lisa!)

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