"Lovers locks" to be cut from Roman bridge


(CC-licensed photo by Ela2007)

Rome's Ponte Milvio Bridge is decorated with thousands of padlocks that couples have attached to the structure to signify their love. Now, city workers are taking bolt cutters to the tradition. In 2007, the mayor introduced a fine to punish those caught attaching the locks, but now the city council says rust from the padlocks is damaging the bridge. From BBC News:

The custom is inspired by a book by novelist Federico Moccia in which a couple place a bicycle lock around a lamppost and throw the key into the Tiber.

The gesture was meant to symbolise the couple eternally locking their hearts together.

It took off and clusters of padlocks can be found near other landmarks in other Italian cities.

"Rome's Ponte Milvio bridge: 'Padlocks of love' removed"