Jenny O. – "Automechanic" (free MP3)


Sound it Out # 37: Jenny O. – "Automechanic" (MP3)

I posted Jenny O.'s first single almost a year ago. At that time, Jenny was just getting started – she had moved from NY to LA and had a five-song EP called "Home" that she released herself.  Since then, all five songs on "Home" have been featured on TV series, car commercials and video games…some of them in all three. Jenny has toured the country a few times, played a residency in LA, turned some heads at SXSW, and made a new record. She's on a roll.

The new album is called Automechanic and though Jenny has been courted by record labels large and small, she opted to put it out on her own imprint, Holy Trinity, on February 5th. There's a purity and a fire to Jenny O. that I find irresistible. Her almost child-like voice is an evocative counterpoint to the confidence and complexity of her music.

Here's a free download of the title track from Automechanic. Thanks Jenny!