Molly Crabapple-illustrated Warren Ellis short story in five fits, limited edition

Molly Crabapple and Warren Ellis collaborated on "Ariadne and the Science," five short-short stories with accompanying illustrations. Each is available in a limited edition of 25 giclee prints, signed by Crabapple, for $100 each through Etsy. Here's number II (and here's a link to number I).

There was lots of names for the thing Ariadne made: computational flora, iGrass, memory trees, That Damned Stuff. There were lots of names for Ariadne, too, because when she got tired of nobody being able or willing to answer her questions, she just released Ariadne's Meadow into the world. Fields began thinking, and forests began processing, and the world discovered that Ariadne's Meadow was actually quite a nice place that just wanted to help. So much so that seven years later, when everyone discovered that Meadow probes had begun to break up Mercury, Venus and Mars for power, living space and computing strata, nobody really minded very much.

Ariadne and the Science II- Collaboration with Warren Ellis

(via Die Puny Humans)