The Kairos Mechanism: a half-sequel to The Bone Shaker

Back in 2010, I reviewed Kate Milford's dreamy, Bradburian YA novel The Bone Shaker. And back in April, I blogged Kate Milford's Kickstarter pitch to fund a print-on-demand half-sequel to act as a bridge between Bone Shaker and its direct sequel The Broken Lands.

That Kickstarter was fully funded, and Milford used the money to produce a beautiful little print-on-demand paperback (printed and sold by the excellent McNally-Jackson bookstore in Manhattan) called The Kairos Mechanism. As with Boneshaker, Kairos is a haunting and inspiring young adult story set in 1913 small-town Missouri, and it tells the story of what happens when two boys appear out of a corn field with a stretcher bearing the freshly shot body of a man who died in the Civil War, 50 years previous. Filled with mystery, canonfire and the horrors of war and a villain who's nightmare-scary, Kairos Mechanism is a great interlude and a fine way to tide readers over after we finish the just-published Broken Lands.

The Kairos Mechanism