Jet pack 'Rocketeer' hopes to fly from SoCal coast to Catalina Island, set world record | 89.3 KPCC

LA radio station KPCC reports that "Newport Beach adventurer Dean O'Malley will try to set a world record this weekend when he flies from Newport to Catalina Island using a new type of jet pack, powered by water." Yesterday, some very surprised beachgoers and a few tourist watched as O'Malley gave a demonstration. He revved up his jet pack and flew over Newport Harbor, landing off Bayside Beach, then wading back to shore to discuss his plan to fly 26 miles to Catalina Island using a "JetLev." More: Newport Beach jet pack 'Rocketeer' hopes to fly to Catalina, set world record (image: Ben Bergman/89.3 KPCC).