Zombie lawn-gnomes feast on a pink flamingo

Chris and Jane's Place on Etsy will sell you this delightful tableau for your front yard, in which zombie gnomes are depicted feasting on a felled and mutilated pink flamingo. $55 cheap.

This is a sorry sight indeed. A poor helpless Lawn Flamingo has been taken down by zombie gnomes: Nose-less Ned, Greedy Gary, and Bartolomeu.It seems like an unlikely kill until Bartolomeu broke the elegant beasts leg and brought it crashing to the ground. Where they pounced upon their helpless victim and began their feast. So we say "Bye Bye Birdie, I'm going to miss you so, Bye Bye Birdie, Why'd you have to go?"

All of these Gnomes are hand painted and hand casted. We make our gnomes out of a very sturdy mix of hydrostone and cement, and use all purpose outdoor weather sealer to protect your paint. We have been getting so many orders so please give us 7-8 weeks for us to mail them out to you.

Zombie Gnomes: Bye Bye Birdie

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!)