Shuttle Endeavour's California flyover, as seen from an FA18

This NASA video captures shuttle Endeavour's aerial view during its tour of Southern California on September 21, 2012.

Sites the shuttle flew over included Malibu, Dodger Stadium, California Science Center, the Los Angeles Colosseum, downtown Los Angeles, the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, Pasadena, the Rose Bowl, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Angel Stadium of Anaheim, SpaceX, Universal Studios, Point Mugu. She then landed at Los Angeles International Airport. This weekend, Endeavour will ba carried to her final home at the California Science Center in downtown LA.

Photo below: The space shuttle Endeavour and its 747 carrier aircraft soar off the California coast near Ventura as its heads to the Los Angeles area during the final portion of its tour of California Sept. 21. (NASA / Jim Ross)

(Thanks, Doug Maddox!)