Anti-choice Tea Party Congressman: My mistress wasn't pregnant when I insisted she have an abortion

Anti-choice Representative Scott DesJarlais, who made a tape recording of himself insisting that his mistress get an abortion, has an explanation that should clear the whole matter up. She wasn't really pregnant.

"I don't mind telling people that there was no pregnancy, and no abortion," said Representative Scott DesJarlais, who is running for reelection, in his first comments on the scandal. "But I also don't mind telling people that this was a protracted two-year divorce back in 1999 and 2000. There was some difficult times, for sure." DesJarlais, as reported by the Huffington Post this week, taped himself pushing a woman — a patient he'd been sleeping with while working as a physician — to have an abortion, in hopes of showing the recording to his wife and saving his marriage. Needless to say, it did not work out, although apparently he got all worked up and outed himself as a huge hypocritical sleaze for nothing.

Pro-Life Congressman: Mistress Wasn’t Actually Pregnant When I Insisted on Abortion