Disgraced Reddit mod Violentacrez on CNN

The Reddit/Gawker/"jailbait" story has reached its likely zenith: an Anderson Cooper 360º interview. A second part is here. But is Brutsch really a troll? I don't know that this is accurate. Posting disgusting sexist shit on the internet does not make you a troll if you're playing to the home audience: if the people who view that content enjoy it and want more, it isn't trolling. If anyone "trolled," and I don't think the term is necessarily derogatory, I might argue the journalist who exposed him is. Who expected this story to go so wide? Not me. Anyway, here's what one world-famous troll thinks. I don't expect CNN's producers to understand or care about the fine points of internet culture nomenclature. But I'm interested to know what you, dear reader, believe. The man once boasted of having had oral sex with his teen stepdaughter; there's definitely a word for that. BTW, Gawker's Adrian Chen noted in his original story that Brutsch first heard about Reddit via Boing Boing. So there's that.