Run Wrake, animator of dark and imaginative award-winning short films, dead of cancer at 47

Boing Boing reader Fergus Stewart writes,

I know that for obvious reasons you have been reporting in recent times on those who have cancer, so I wanted to draw attention to the premature passing of genius UK animator Run Wrake.

Run has been most well-known for his award-winning 8 minute animated short 'Rabbit,' which is a wonderfully dark and disturbing animation created with old illustrations culled from British reading-scheme books for children, (though few animations could be less suitable for children!).

Humour doesn't come much darker than this nightmarish vision of a somewhat warped pair of five-year-olds.

Unfortunately this incredible piece must now stand as a memorial to his talent as he died of cancer on Sunday at the relatively young age of 47.

Rabbit was BAFTA-nominated for Best Animated Short Film and winner of Best Film at the British Animation Awards 2006 as well as the McLaren Award for Animation at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

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Watch more of Run Wrake's work on Vimeo or YouTube.