Band that shut down LA freeway will serve no time

Remember the talented young gentleman from Garden Grove, Calif. who shut down the 101 Freeway on Los Angeles a couple of years ago to treat immobilized drivers to a performance of their delightful song "Traffic Jam 101?" They were promptly arrested on felony conspiracy charges and misdemeanor charges of public nuisance and interfering with law enforcement. They had their day in court this week, pleading no contest. The judge went easy on them, and they will serve no time in jail.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Norm Shapiro sentenced each one to three years' formal probation and ordered them to perform 35 days of community service. Despite an objection from prosecutors, he also ruled the felony could be reduced to a misdemeanor in 18 months.

Since they are free to roam, can we look forward to a repeat performance from these crowd-pleasing entertainers?

No jail time for band whose 101 Freeway concert jammed traffic