Davis Graveyard: totally kick-ass haunters

Dan from the Journal of Ride Theory sez, "I hope someday your travels bring you to the Pacific Northwest around
Halloween time, because you will absolutely LOVE the Davis Graveyard.
It's an amateur yard display of near theme-park quality. And as a
bonus for you and me, they have LOTS of Haunted Mansion references —
a full-sized horse-drawn hearse, a skeleton trying to get out of a
coffin, a singing statue who briefly recites the Ghost Host's
narration, and a replica of the frightened gravedigger. And that's
just the icing on top of all the geeky pop-culture references on the
gravestones, the excellent projected ghosts, etc.

You would plotz."

I plotzed. Holy moly. The Davis family are the greatest human beings on the face of the earth. Why isn't there a Nobel Prize in Hauntology?

Davis Graveyard

(Thanks, Dan!)