In case you were looking for more proof that The Walking Dead's Danai Gurira was awesome, here you go

While she isn't the only cast member of The Walking Dead to have an artsy side job (Norman Reedus is a filmmaker when he's not killing zombies), Danai Gurira seems like one of those spectacularly well-rounded and adventurous people who wants to do a little bit of everything as long as she walks this planet. Hero Complex interviewed the actress, who is also an Obie Award-winning playwright (for In the Continuum) and has forged a whole other, zombie-free career path writing about her life in Zimbabwe and other stories. It's one of the most fun pieces I've read about Gurira, and Walking Dead fans might like to know that she discusses certain (horrific) things that happen between her katana-wielding character Michonne and the Governor in the comics. She has a perspective on it that others probably don't. (via Hero Complex)

Photo credit: Hero Complex, LA Times