Boing Boing reader John K. Goodman shares a series of photographs with us that tell a magical story about a sea lion and his son, Sean. Every time John and his son visit the Long Beach aquarium, she loves to play with Sean's dad's keys. Wonderful photos resulted.

Boing Boing reader John K. Goodman shares this photo in the Boing Boing Flickr pool and explains,

Every time we go to the local aquarium, there is one sea lion in particular who likes to play a game with Sean.

She loves to chase after my keys as Sean throws them up in an arc against the curved glass of the aquarium. She'll do it for a long time and seems to uniquely enjoy it as much as Sean does.

This weekend, she REALLY wanted to play, and we drew quite a crowd. It was great fun for everyone, and I got some good shots while we were there.

Here's a link to the whole gorgeous photo set. I love this sequence, which is best viewed large. This encounter took place at the Long Beach Aquarium.