Nation unsure how it feels about video of President Obama crying

This "candid" video of President Obama tearing up as he thanks his staff and tells them "I'm Really Proud of All of You" is interesting. The rate at which this became viral is astonishing. Why do we mock John Boehner (other than the fact he's orange, and an asshole) but laud this clip as an example that Obama is "human" and "has a heart"? The public reaction to this particular video, released by the Obama campaign team, is interesting.

Maybe I'm projecting, but I think he might be crying for all those innocent people in Pakistan who lost family members in the 300+ drone strikes he authorized during his first term as president. Or maybe the innocent not-terrorists who are detained at Guantánamo because our military held them as terrorists, but can't manage to figure out how to set free now.

Like many others, I am glad Obama won, and I agree that he seems more "human" than his opponent. But his first term was no golden age of transparency and human rights. May we all hold the government more accountable, and demand change, on these and other vital issues during his second term.