ORG needs your money to kill UK copyright trolls

Jim from the UK Open Rights Group sez,

Last year, the porn company Golden Eye asked for 9,000 O2/Telefonica customer details in the UK, in order to send them letters demanding payments for alleged copyright downloads.

However, in March a judge decided that 6,000 names and addresses could not be given to Golden Eye. Golden Eye was not an normal copyright licensee of the works allegedly downloaded by these 8,000, but had instead acquired a licence from the actual copyright holders to pursue infringers on a revenue sharing basis.

The judge wasn't happy with this arrangement, saying:

"that would be tantamount to the court sanctioning the sale of the intended Defendants' privacy and data protection rights to the highest bidder. Accordingly, in my judgment, to make such an order would not proportionately and fairly balance the interests of the Other Claimants with the Intended Defendents' interests."

The judge's decision is now being contested by Golden Eye. If successful they would gain access to the details of just over 6,000 of around 9,000 subscribers.

We are therefore asking for donations, towards the costs of intervening, and for people to join ORG to support the legal project.

As TorrentFreak says, "Donating to ORG is like punching copyright trolls in the face."

ORG applies to intervene in Golden Eye case – and we need your help

(Thanks, Jim!)

(Disclosure: I helped found ORG and volunteer on its advisory board)