Brid food sign tells a story of retail woe

As a compulsive photographer of odd signs, I have to say that "Brid" (origin unknown) has it all. It's the implied story I love:

Bob: Aw, jeez, you're kidding. "Brid?" Who made these things? Fine. I'll just put 'em out for $1.19.

Customer 1: Hey, did you see this? This bucket says "brid!" That's pretty funny! I bet they meant "bird," right?

Bob: Yes, sir, I expect they did.


Customer 2: Excuse me, but there's a spelling error on this product.

Bob: Yes, ma'am, we know. That's why it's on sale.

Customer 2: Only it's spelled "bird," not "brid."

Bob: Thank you, ma'am.

Customer 3: Sir? Sir? Do you sell any brid food to go in this brid bucket?

Bob: Very funny, sir.


Customer 3,487: BRID! What kinda idiots are you people anyway? Can't you spell?

Bob: We don't make the products, sir. We just sell them.

[Bob fires up the laser-printer, amends sign]

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!)