John McAfee, the New York Times catch-up edition

After Gizmodo, after Wired, there is now a New York Times profile of John McAfee's descent into the heart of darkness, this one notable for its use of the underappreciated adjective "priapic."

Well played, thesaurus-using Times scribe, well played.

I kid, but it's actually a great piece, and this is one of those gift-that-keeps-on-giving stories that just becomes more interesting as more news dribbles out.

It begs to be made into a movie. And I'd place good money on Joshua Davis having already written a script.

I asked on Twitter today which actor should play the batshit teen-bonking gun-hoarding anti-virus-mogul 67-year-old.

Who do you think? Your replies in the comments. Herzog for director, amirite?

"I am indeed that same Stuffmonger."