Follow up to the fabulous Look! a Book! by Bob Staake

Hurray! Artist Bob Staake has a follow-up to his terrific kids' book, Look! A Book! It's called, Look! Another Book! Here's what I wrote about Bob last year:

Bob Staake has long been one of my favorite illustrators. He's done a lot of covers for the New Yorker, as well as a bunch of terrific kids books. His latest book, Look! A Book!, is filled with colorful two-page spreads, each loaded with dozens of seek-and-find objects. It's my favorite book of his so far. My seven-year-old daughter and I had a great time going through this visual treat.

As I've mentioned before, Bob does all of his illustration work using Photoshop 3. He doesn't use a stylus, and instead does everything with a mouse. Here's a video of Bob's process – it's amazing.

After the jump, you can see two additional page spreads from Look! Another Book!

Look! Another Book!