Plush Fin Fin virtual pet toy needed by distraught Boing Boing reader's grandson

Edwin's grandson fell in love with Fin Fin, a defunct plush virtual pet last offered by Fujitsu in 1996. Now Fin Fin has disappeared and he's desperate to replace Fin Fin for Christmas. If you've got one, he wants to buy it from you. Read his note after the jump.

Ordinarily, I would never consider asking the Boing hivemind for assistance of this sort, but I have a great crisis on my hands, and I have tried everything else I can think of.

Years ago, back in 1996 Fujisu released a virtual pet, called Fin Fin. Fin Fin was somewhat beloved around or house, but, as virtual pets do, eventually he was out grown and put away, along with the adorable plush representation of Fin Fin that came with the games – a picture of which is at the link above.

Flash forward 13 years and my now grown daughter's son came across this Fin Fin Plush and fell in love. For the last three years he has been his constant companion, friend, and confidant.

Three weeks ago while moving between his various homes Fin Fin vanished. Extensive searches, looking in every cabinet and drawer, looking in the fridge because, you know, he's not outside the fridge, have turned up nothing,

I've searched on line for a Fin Fin plush to purchase, with no luck. The only place I could thing to turn was Boing Boing. Fin Fin is exactly the find of guy that some happy mutant would have around the house still after all these years.

So, this is my plea – if anyone has a Fin Fin Plush they are willing to part with with, please, please contact me at and let's work out a price.
Help make this budding young happy mutant whole again,