Chocolate Fix: a favorite puzzle game, now a mobile app

Chocolate fix 01

The puzzle game Chocolate Fix has been a family favorite around our house for years. The puzzle consists of 9 plastic chocolate candies (in three colors and shapes), a tray that holds the candies in a 3 x 3 grid, and a spiral-bound book with various challenges to solve. The challenges offer clues on how to arrange the candies in the tray. The hints sometimes show just the shape but not the color, the color but not the shape, or the shape and the color of a candy that belongs to a particular spot, column, or row in the grid. It's your job to figure out the single solution to correctly arrange the candies.

We got the puzzle years ago when it first came out, and the colors of the candies were dark brown, light brown, and pink. The dark brown and light brown pieces were hard to differentiate from one another, so I'm glad they switched to brown, cream, and turquoise (actually, turquoise is a weird color for a candy, but whatever).

NewImageI had forgotten about Chocolate Fix until today, when I found one of the pink pieces of candy in a desk drawer. It got me wondering if the puzzle had made its way to the iPhone and iPad. I checked and discovered that it had! Chocolate Fix turns out to be even better on the iPad than as a physical puzzle. The main reason is that pieces won't go missing, like they so often do with games and puzzles. (Of course, if you don't own an iOS device, then the physical game is a better option than buying an app that you can't play.) Interestingly, the colors of the pieces in the iOS version are brown, cream, and pink, which I find to be more attractive.

If you want to check it out, try the free version of Chocolate Fix first. The full version is $(removed)

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