Pig Will and Pig Won't – a terrific book by Richard Scarry that belongs back in print

Jane and I love Richard Scarry's illustrated kids' books. He had a sly sense of humor and it appeals as much to adults as it does to kids. I saw Jane reading Pig Will and Pig Won't tonight and we thought it would be fun to talk about the book and share a small sample. It's a book that teaches kids about polite manners. It's similar to Goofus and Gallant from Highlights magazine, but Goofus and Gallant wasn't nearly as good as this book. Pig Will and Pig Won't is full of delightful jokes and surprises, while Goofus and Gallant is grim and preachy.

Surprisingly, the book is out of print! Amazon has some used copies for about $15, which isn't bad, but I think the publisher should get this back into print, pronto!

Note: don't bother with any books or cartoons "based on" Richard Scarry's characters. They stink.

Pig Will and Pig Won't