What's new in Boing Boing's Video archives? Pull up a chair and watch.

We've recently launched a new Boing Boing video page with a grid of nothin' but videos: those we make ourselves, and those we find from around the web. What's new in our video archives? Let me tell you:

• A profile of Siobhan Meow, an artist and cat-hoarder who at one point kept 100 cats in her home, and paints with poop.

• A Mexican indie-pop band created what they claim is "the very first music video done entirely on Instagram."

• Virtual Magician Marco Tempest blows it out of the water with this augmented card routine recently posted at TED

• Burrito Bomber: an open source hardware-based drone that autonomously delivers Mexican food

• Chris Carter, who handbuilt instruments for Throbbing Gristle and Chris & Cosey, talks about DIY synthesizers.

• A homemade Syrian rebel tank whose main gun is directed with an off-brand video-game thumbstick/gamepad controller.

• A freshwater catfish stalks pigeons and beaches itself in order to gobble them up.

• "Lady Life Guards," an "oddly racy newsreel" made around 1940 about female lifeguards on a beach in Brooklyn.

• The Gay Men's Chorus of Santa Monica covers Tom Lehrer's classic. Happy Chanukkah!

• DC Hardcore gods Bad Brains meet Charlie Brown and friends for a remixed heartwarming holiday classic.

• Yann Frisch, an amazing, young French magician, will boggle your mind.

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