Archer, or how I spent my sick day

I recently spent a day on the couch laughing so hard it made me cough up nasty stuff! Archer was the source of the laughter, my daughter the disease vector. I can not recommend Archer highly enough, skip the cold.

Archer shows us the inner workings of ISIS, a completely misguided intelligence agency. Archer, also the title character, and his uninhibited office mates entertain in a manner that reminds me of All in the Family meets Barbarella. Apparently set in a time-warp, the 60s world uses modern technology to great effect; it's odd and not confusing. H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler and the rest of the cast are brilliant.

Episode by episode things just seem to get more and more unhinged! I watched Seasons 1-3 over the course of 2 days.

Archer Season 1 via Amazon

Archer Seasons 1 & 2 via Netflix