Samuel L. Jackson drops F-bomb on Saturday Night Live

During Saturday Night Live's all-star holiday special tonight, Samuel L. Jackson said the word "fuck," followed by "bullshit." It looked like an unplanned goof during a skit with Kenan Thompson.

"That cost money," said a surprised Thompson.

If so, any price NBC may or may not pay in FCC fines is a small price for the immediately renewed relevancy and mindshare this incident grants on the show. A verbal nip-slip, if you will.


Below, Jackson's tweet immediately following the incident.

Do you believe him?

I asked on Twitter if anyone smarter than I could recall the last time someone said "fuck" on SNL. Alex Pareene of (and others) say Jenny Slate did this in 2009, and Google proves him to be correct. It was on the season premiere of her only season with the show. Andy Ihnatko adds, "Charles Rocket, in the 80's; first SNL F-bomb was by Paul Shaffer the year he was a castmember." There have been others, according to this pretty great Wikipedia article on the history of SNL— but it's nice to see the tradition renewed.

We can only hope parents out there took to heart Mr. Jackson's lullaby strategy, "Go the Fuck to Sleep."

(YouTube clip HT: @ditzkoff)