Samuel Delany reads from Through The Valley of the Nest of Spiders

Here's a video of Samuel Delany reading from his latest, 2012's Through The Valley of the Nest of Spiders, which sounds like an amazing novel:

In 2007, days before his seventeenth birthday, Eric Jeffers' stepfather brings him to live with his mother, who works as a waitress in the foundering tourist town of Diamond Harbor on the Georgia coast. In the local truck stop restroom, on his first day, Eric meets nineteen-year-old Morgan Haskell, as well as half a dozen other gay men who live and work in the area. The boys become a couple, and for the next twenty years labor as garbage men along the coast, sharing their lives and their lovers, learning to negotiate a committed open relationship. For a decade they manage a rural movie theater that shows pornographic films and encourages gay activity among the audience. Finally, they become handymen for a burgeoning lesbian art colony on nearby Gillead Island, as America moves twenty years, forty years, sixty years into a future fascinating, glorious, and—sometimes—terrifying.

Samuel R. Delany reads from Through The Valley of the Nest of Spiders April 2012

(Thanks, Muels A.!)