SF District Attorney withdraws subpoenas seeking Twitter users' account data

The ACLU sends word today that the San Francisco District Attorney has agreed to withdraw subpoenas seeking Twitter users' account information after the ACLU and EFF filed an amicus brief. Snip from an account by Linda Lye, Staff Attorney at the ACLU-NC:

In a disturbing trend that can have a chilling effect on free speech, law enforcement agencies around the country are seeking wide-ranging information about the social networking activity of political activists. The San Francisco District Attorney recently issued subpoenas to Twitter for tweets by two political protesters, Lauren Smith and Robert Donohoe, who had been charged with rioting and unlawful assembly during a Columbus Day demonstration last year. They had been active on Twitter but disabled their accounts after the protest. The ACLU and EFF filed a brief in support of the protesters' motion to quash the subpoenas.

The ACLU/EFF brief described the subpoenas as "woefully overbroad," and in violation of the First and Fourth Amendments. Evidently, the San Francisco DA agreed.