The world's thinnest watch

The CST-01 is presented as the world's thinnest watch, with an e-ink
display and flexible battery embedded in a stainless steel band less than a millimeter thick.

Weighing 12 grams, the cuff is designed to be 'forgotten' while being worn, according to the designers at Central Standard Timing: "Everything about the design and engineering was thoroughly considered for its functional and aesthetic benefits. The CST-01 is the most minimal expression of a timepiece."

With no controls on the watch itself, it is recharged and set using a supplied base-station.

Central Standard Timing was founded by engineers Dave Vondle and Jerry O'Leary, both formetly of successful design outfit IDEO. A recently-launched Kickstarter project for the CST-01, seeeking $200,000, has already blasted past its goal. It's currently at $637,847 with 31 days left to go—preorders are $129.