Tempspence: an Internet improv, on Twitter, with a reality TV star's account

Mark Marino and Rob Wittig say,

For the first 3 weeks of January, the verified Twitter account of reality TV star Spencer Pratt (of MTV's The Hills) became the site for a literary performance art project. The framing story held that Spencer had lost his phone while in England before a stint on Celebrity Big Brother, and the phone was found by an unknown British poet.

Over the next several weeks @tempspence, as he came to be known, played a variety of poetry games and recounted the story of his courtship of his dual love interests Una & Duessa, named for the characters from Book 1 of Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene.
The project was designed and performed by collaborators Mark C. Marino and Rob Wittig. Mark and Rob have been developing netprov, a kind of catfish lit. Some of the exchanges and games have been archived here.

Reality: Being @spencerpratt (a netprov)

(Thanks, Mark!)