Astronaut Chris Hadfield's otherworldly Earth landscapes, from space

"Venezuelan valley framed by misty clouds – mysterious, beautiful and surreal."—Chris Hadfield

As I've blogged before, Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield is currently living in space aboard the International Space Station (ISS) as Flight Engineer on Expedition 34 and he has been tweeting absolutely stunning photographs of Earth. Follow him on Twitter, for daily photo updates. Hadfield has captured some of the devastating floods hitting Australia this week, in images like the one below.

"Floodwaters pour into the Coral Sea near Rockhampton, Australia on Tuesday morning."—Chris Hadfield

"Cauliflower clouds over the Amazon rainforest. A river like lightning."—Chris Hadfield

"A blue river in Brazilian farmland provides a striking contrast of colour and landscape."—Chris Hadfield

"Is this African lake real, or a mirage? Either way, a sere and beautiful natural work of art."—Chris Hadfield