Blooper reel from LA Noire reveals its excellent motion capture technology

(Audio NSFW)

Matt Richardson says: "These are actual outtakes from the voice actors of LA Noire, rendered out.

These hilarious screw-ups were generated as a natural side effect of the MotionScan animation process used to create the game.

Unlike other motion-capture systems that use shiny, reflective dots to track key points as an actor moves, MotionScan generates 3D models, texture maps, and meshes directly from a stereo camera recording of an unadorned actor's performance. The result is an instant virtual copy of that performance that captures mis-timed laughs, a tongue sticking out, and errant sneezes, with only minimal touch-up needed from an animator.

Ars Technica: L.A. Noire blooper reel chips away at the uncanny valley (Via Boing Boing G+ Community)