Gimme Some Truth: short doc on fracking, with Artists Against Fracking, and Yoko Ono

Above: Artists Against Fracking have released a short documentary by filmmaker Josh Fox on the group's recent tour of fracking sites in Pennsylvania. The group will air a winning TV ad from its #DontFrackNY video contest next week. Below, Yoko Ono's new television spot in response to NY Gov. Cuomo's silence and his upcoming Feb. 27 deadline for a decision on fracking. The ad features Ono directly addressing the Governor, a response to her unmet requests for meetings.

"Gov. Cuomo, since you haven't met with me about the dangers of fracking, I will show you. PS: Nice to meet you, Governor," Ono says in the ad.

"After visiting with families in Pennsylvania whose water, homes and lives have been hurt by the gas industry, I wanted to show Gov. Cuomo and the public what I saw," she says. "He must know what could happen to New Yorkers — our air, our water, our climate — if he allows fracking."