3D-printed weighted companion cube dice

Etsy seller Niquegeek made these 3D printed stainless steel dice that resemble the beloved weighted companion cubes from the game Portal. They're hollow, and retail for $29.

This unique die (singular dice) is made layer by layer in a 3D printer and then fired to fuse the metal particles into solid steel.

It is available in a numbered version, a version with just hearts (similar to the pendant I also make) and now a numbered version with a heart for the 1! It makes the perfect gift for the Portal fan in your life!

Each side of the cube measures 9/16" across and it is hollow so it's much lighter than it looks. Each pendant is unique and the finish may vary slightly from the images.

Weighted Companion Cube Die - Stainless Steel - (Portal Dice)

(via The Mary Sue)