In response to bad NYT review, a Tesla Road Trip

mage: Lauren Goode, WSJ, via Twitter.

A group of Tesla Model S owners set out Saturday to re-create John Broder's ill-fated review test-drive of the Tesla Model S. One of the participants set up Tesla telemetry and Twitter integration, to live-tweet data during the drive.

In case you missed the drama earlier this week: John Broder at the New York Times test-drove the Tesla S; it fell short of expectations. Tesla CEO Elon Musk slammed Broder's review as fake, effectively saying the reviewer was lying; Broder replied to the charges in detail here.

While Tesla didn't appear to have coordinated the Tesla Road Trip stunt, they are understandably happy about its findings.

A Tesla Owner's Club forum post is here. Follow the live-tweets from the now-concluded ride at @TeslaRoadTrip or by searching hashtag #TeslaRoadTrip.

CNN also re-enacted Broder's test drive, and posted video.

In the Tesla forums, and elsewhere much nastiness directed personally at Mr. Broder.

Avid fans of the brand have suggested that his name become a verb: "to purposely or with willful ignorance run down the battery pack of an electric vehicle to the point that it no longer moves the vehicle. Note: This is an extreme form of turtling an electric vehicle that is either a planned act or involves extreme negligence or outright idiocy to accomplish."