"Most expensive" Starbucks order ever

Beau Chevassus resolved to order the most expensive coffee drink in the world, so he went to Starbucks and ordered a 48-shot Frappuccino with every single revolting additive, had it blended and drank at least one slurp of it. Total cost was $47.30. I believe that Mr Chevassus could probably have spent more had he visited a Starbucks in Dubai or Moscow, and possibly have availed himself of even more revolting adulterations courtesy of the local variations available in different regions (caviar?).

The Quadriginoctuple Frap. Previous record: $23.60. I used a 52 oz bucke–I mean mug. (it really is a legit mug). The drink had 48 shots. Filmed in Washington State, home of Starbucks.

($47.30) World's Most Expensive Starbucks Drink – "Quadriginoctuple Frap"