Track CISPA's every move in Congress with the Sunlight Foundation's Scout alert service

Nicko from the Sunlight Foundation sez, "Since the reintroduction of the controversial CISPA bill, I imagine many in the Boing Boing community will be interested to follow the latest developments on the legislation. The Sunlight Foundation's Scout alert service will send anyone an email or text message for any official activity and votes on the bill including notices of upcoming hearings and when it's coming to the floor. I've created a collection of alerts about CISPA so you can follow speeches in Congress that use the phrase 'Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act' or 'CISPA' and, for those interested in wider coverage, there are alerts for any mentions of 'Cybersecurity' in federal regulations and state-level bills. It's just a few clicks to follow the full collection of CISPA alerts, cherry-pick favorites or create your own custom ones with Scout."