Best of Risk! #4 - one of my favorite podcasts

Risk! is a podcast where people tell true stories "they thought they'd never dare to share," usually recorded in front of a live audience. The stories are sometimes confessional, sometimes X-rated, sometimes about criminal behavior, often moving, often tragic, and yet almost always funny. I love this podcast, and I'm happy to announce that Kevin Allison, the producer of the Risk! podcast and live event series, has just released The Best of Risk! #4, which is an excellent introduction to the kinds of stories you'll hear on the podcast.

In addition to having unforgettable stories in each episode, Kevin always picks a couple of songs from little-known bands to play between stories, and I think his taste in music is exquisite.


Foxy Ladies by Allison Moon

Allison throws a lesbian orgy. The women put on animal masks and race around the loft in a game of "Fuck the Fox." Allison's roommate's mom just happens to stop by.

The Seven-Toe Minimum by Lisa Lampanelli

Lisa falls in love with a 400-pound Italian man with mobster-like ways but a very kind heart. But when the doctor says he's committing suicide with his over-eating and he refuses to change, Lisa leaves.

Get Cool Fast by Sam Mullins

At 13, Sam just wants to impress girls. At a birthday party by a lake, he heroically offers to go get a girl's ball that's strayed into the water. Because of a freak accident, Sam ends up bleeding, nude, and hanging upside down off a pier with his face in the water.

The Other Side of the Story by Lee Harrington

Lee was once a 14-year old girl who got raped by a boy a few years older. 15 years later, after changing his sex, Lee is at a BDSM club and runs into the guy who once raped him. They sit down and chat, Lee learns of the rapist's motivations, and Lee finally forgives him.

Best of Risk! #4