Mayor ensures "Koruption" stickers never seen again

Gary Korpan, the former mayor of Nanaimo, British Columbia, has declared victory over scurrilous stickers displayed by local residents.

"The third of three of the core group behind the spreading of the slanderous, malicious lies against me, my family, the Office of Mayor and the administration of the City of Nanaimo has, at long last, retracted and apologized," Korpan told The Nanaimo Daily News. "This matter is ended."

The ex-official had sued local activist Tony Parkin over a sticker attached to his car, upon which the phrase "Free Nanaimo from Koruption" was printed in Helvetica Condensed Black against a plain yellow background with a regionally-themed bastion logo. With the settlement, announced Wednesday, Korpan helps ensure that the image will be but a fading memory in a small Canadian town on Vancouver Island, accessible from the mainland only by ferry and air.

Korpan settles on final lawsuit [Nanaimo Daily News via Brenda Koerner. Photo: Puregin]