The Angry Korean Lady of Honolulu: a restaurant I plan to patronize while in Hawaii

I've been working and adventuring in Hawaii over the past few weeks, and my Twitter friend Jose Gonzalez says I should try this restaurant in Honolulu. I am so very down. The restauranteur's motto is "I'm already angry. Don't make me more angry."

Read more about Ah-Lang Korean Restaurant at The Tasty Island, a Honolulu Food Blog.

Among the House Rules:

# If you BYOB, bring me some too, or there's a corkage fee.
# Don't bring me Coors Light — it gives me a headache.
# Don't give me Yellowtail — it gives me a stomachache.
# If you BYOB, bring your own cups and supplies. DO NOT use mine.

The Yelp reviews look pretty strong!