CopyrightX: a massively open online course on copyright from Harvard's Terry Fisher

Update: Kendra from Harvard sez,
The online course called CopyrightX is a version of the HLS Copyright course taught on edX by Prof. Fisher. It's facilitated by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society and the efforts of a number of HLS students. The materials are free and accessible at Prof. Fisher's website:

The site linked in the current post is a student created website – not an official part of the course.

Kevin sez, "Lots of folks know about Stack Exchange, progenitor of, right? Well, two weeks after Aaron Swartz died, Harvard Law School published on the web all resources for their copyright course. Named CopyrightX, the course is taught by Professor Terry Fisher of The Berkman Center for Internet and Society. This move is sure to have global consequences, for it gives a scholarly confirmation of Kirby Ferguson's thesis in 'Everything is a Remix' that the common good as a meme was overwhelmed by intellectual property. Harvard's CopyrightX repeatedly shows that the original goal of copyright was indeed to improve the lives of everyone by encouraging creativity and 'producing a shared pool of knowledge, open to all.' Now Stack Exchange hosts a community proposal to help amplify the ripples of CopyrightX in the global pond for as long a duration as possible. Come follow the community, post 5 Example Questions, and up-vote your favorites. Surely there can be no broader interest group for a SE community than those of us affected by copyright."


(Thanks, Kevin!)