Toronto Mayor Rob Ford accused of grabassing, letching on former election rival

Toronto's living shitshow of a mayor, Rob "Laughable Bumblefuck" Ford, is back in the headlines. Sarah Thomson, the publisher of The Women's Post, who ran against Ford in the last election, claims that he came onto her at a Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee affair, grabbing her ass and saying, "[she] should have been in Florida with him last week because his wife wasn't there." According to Thomson, Ford was drunk and "out of it." He appears worse for wear in a soon-to-be-infamous photo with Thomson, in which he sports a stained shirt and a rather unflattering expression.

"He grabbed my ass and I'm thinking what the heck is going on with him? I was so mad about it because this is somebody who knows how much I do for this city," Thomson told radio host John Moore.

She said she told Ford's staff to remove him from the room.

"I went to his handlers and said, 'Get him out of here,'" she said.

Thomson said Ford "completely crossed the line" Thursday night.

"He needs help if he's doing that to someone like me," she said.

"What he said to me and what he did is wrong."

Rob Ford blasted by Sarah Thomson for alleged crude comment
[Don Peat/Toronto Sun]