Magma Stainless Steel Grill

Once again the Magma BBQ saved my camping trip. Copied from the pages of The Samba, where user Rhinoculips shared his install, this is one fantastic addition to my arsenal of VW Westfalia camping gear!

Set-up and break-down of the grill take me less than 3 minutes. The simple, small 1lb propane cans are easy to pack away in either the Magma's padded storage bag, or just stashed around my bus. It is easy to light and gets wonderfully hot, wonderfully quick! You can choose where to put yours, there are many, many mounting options.

Not only is the Magma great for roasting/cooking meat, fish and veggies but in a pinch (my kitchen propane tank went empty after 2 weeks of heavy use) I have boiled water for coffee, made rice and reheated beans on the grill too! For versatility there are griddles, veggie/fish trays and all manner of add-ons and options. You can even plug it directly into the Westy's propane tank.

I really enjoy being able to grill right outside the door while frying, sautéing or otherwise working in the van's kitchen. Without need to build a charcoal or wood fire to BBQ, things are a lot easier (and lighter.) The grill would neatly pack away under the rear seat, if the PO hadn't put a giant bass tube down there!

Magma Original Size Stainless Steel Grill