Police officer has sex with prostitute, then arrests her

Pittsburgh is a safer place, thanks to police detective Ronald DePellegrin, who allowed himself to receive a blow job in order to arrest a prostitute.

DePellegrin saw an online ad for a prostitute and "obtained his [chief's] permission to conduct an undercover operation." He set up an appointment with the prostitute, first stopping by Walgreens to purchase condoms and baby wipes.

DePellegrin describes what happens next in his criminal complaint: “Becky started to perform oral sex on me, when I said oh shit, the cops were coming."

A police union spokesman uttered a classic policespeak word in his defense of the sting operation: "[Police officers] sometimes have to do what they have to do to effectuate an arrest."

Sex First, Then Arrest Hooker: Don't Cops Have Better Things to Do?